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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about using the app. I hope they give you the answers you need to maximise the use and enjoyment of NetScore. If you have any specific questions not listed here, feel free to use the Contact page to message me directly, or post a question or comment in the forum.

Question: How do I remove a goal or shot awarded in error?

Answer: To remove a goal or shot, simply touch and hold the button for the action you wish to remove, then slide your finger off the button before releasing. This will cause the goal or shot to be removed, and all statistics to be updated, including reducing the score (if it was a goal).

Question: Is NetScore available for Android?

Answer: No, sorry. NetScore is only available for Apple devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Question: How do I change the team with the current Centre Pass?

Answer: Just tap on the small 'switch' button located between the two scores on the main scoring screen. You can do this either before a period starts, or at any time during matchplay. If you do it before a period start, it will also switch the Evens/Odds indicator too, so you can set this up correctly before a match commences. The App uses the Centre Pass indicator to calculate turnovers - if a team scores a goal while it is not their Centre Pass, this is considered a turnover.

Question: How do I finish a period early (before the time naturally runs out)?

Answer: If you tap and hold on the PAUSE button while a match is in progress you are given the option to finish the current period immediately, or let the timer keep running to the natural end of that period. The App then sets up to start the next period (when you are ready), or if this is the final period, it finishes the match.

Question: How do I change the colour scheme used by NetScore?

Answer: If you select the Settings menu (accessed from the button at the top-right of the main dashboard), you can choose from any available colour scheme to suit your preference.

Question: How can I set up one or more matches in advance (for example, to pre-load a whole tournament)?

Answer: From the Match Setup screen (that you access as part of initiating a new match), you and change the match start date/time to a point in the future. When you do this, the App asks if you wish to start this match now, or save it for later. If you save it for later, you can recall it when ready by selecting Load Match from the Match Setup.

Question: How can I change the Performance Plan details or switch to a different Performance Plan?

Answer: From the Main dashboard, choose Team Performance, then choose Manage Plans. From here, you can change the details of your current Performance Plan, or create a new one using the actions and points you choose. When you touch Save & Select, this plan becomes the plan to be used in Performance recording.

Question: How can I record Performance points at the same time as recording a match?

Answer: When you are within an active match, you can swipe left on the main scoreboard to show a performance panel where you can choose the position and points to award. While on this screen, you can continue to record goals and shots for the match. While on this display, a small floating scoreboard will show to keep track of the current match score. You can swipe right, back to the main scoreboard at any time. If you have registered player names for your match, the performance points will be stored for each individual player in addition to the points for the position.