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Privacy Policy

NetScore is an App that runs solely on your device, recording information relating to selected matches. NetScore does not access any other application data on your device. You may send match data from your device via AirDrop or Email, and you may tweet a match summary. For this, NetScore makes use of the published TwitterKit API to access your installed Twitter account. NetScore only sends tweets, and does not read or otherwise access any other information from your Twitter account. Apart from communicating with the Apple App Store, NetScore does not access any external services or sites, and no data (other than match data, and optionally app usage data) is transmitted to or from any instance of the NetScore App. Player information is restricted to names that are captured as part of the match information. Names are only loaded by the App user, and are never taken from any contact list installed on your device. No personal information can be stored within NetScore. NetScore is an on-device only App, and will never record, capture or store information from any location on your device or any third party service. You may choose to permit the capture of anonymous usage data to be sent to the developer. This assists with further development of the app. The only data to be captured by this process is app feature used (e.g. Match Scoring, Results Centre etc.) and the country of usage (e.g. GB, AU, NZ etc.). No data that could identify a user or personal information is captured by this process.